APELL Conference 2023, 21 juin à Helsinki

  • 15 mars 2023

Pour faire suite au premier workshop organisé en 2022 à Strabourg, l'APELL organise à nouveau cette année une conférence rassemblant l'ensemble des membres européens de l'association.

Date : le 21 juin

Lieu : Helsinki, Finlande

Cet évènement, orienté "think-tank", a pour but de rassembler les entrepreneurs et organisations européennes de l'open source pour se rencontrer, échanger, élaborer et co-construire des propositions à la Commission Européenne. Des documents de synthèse seront produits à l'issue de la journée.

Les participants seront invités à choisir un groupe de travail parmi les sujets suivants présentés ci-dessous (en anglais).

Plus d'information et formulaire d'inscription sur le site de l'APELL: https://www.apell.info/the-future-of-open-source-business-in-europe/

Programme: (en anglais)

Conference at Maria 01

9:30 Check-in & Morning coffee
10:00 Program starts
10:00-10:45 Opening keynote: Heikki Nousiainen, Field CTO & Co-founder, Aiven
10:45-13:00 Working Groups
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Starter
14:00-16:00 Working Groups (contd)
16:00-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-17:00 Panel of the rapporteurs
17:00 Program ends

Networking and Evening event starting at 18:30

Working Group 1:
How to fund OSS policy work in Europe?
The stakes for open source software as an innovation model are high, but reality is that the policy work around open source is critically underfunded. The funding coming in, and it is increasing, is almost exclusively from large software vendors with mixed open source credentials. How can we make sure that APELL members are effectively represented in the policy discussions in Europe at the early stages?  

Working Group 2:
Software will be regulated: what are the implications and priorities for Europe's OSS industry?
Software is going to be regulated in the future. What kind of impact will software regulations have on the OSS industry in Europe? How it might potentially be beneficial for the industry? What kind of challenges the industry might face for example regarding intellectual property rights and open source licensing? We need to ensure that the regulations can be balanced with the need for innovation and the promotion of the OSS industry in Europe. We must also identify strategies for complying with the software regulation and adapt to changing regulatory environments.

Working Group 3:
EU Elections 2024: what should we do?
The next elections to the European Parliament will be held and a new commission formed in 2024. How could APELL make an early input? What kind of topics such as awareness and adoption, OSS advantages, digital autonomy and citizenship participation should we try to push forward in the debate?